RiCK™ Onboarding and Support

RiCK™ Onboarding and Support

Get your team up and running with ease. When you subscribe to RiCK™, you and your team will receive onboarding support and access to our Ricardo Information Specialists.

Onboarding - Getting Started with Research

Our onboarding programme is designed to give your team access to the technical research you need simply and easily. We provide a step-by-step guide on how to run searches within RiCK™ to set you up for success. Our onboarding support includes:

  • Onboarding Demo - our team will walk you through RiCK™, demonstrating how it works, best practices and how to access the information you require.
  • 'How To' email onboarding - when you subscribe, you will receive a series of training emails that demonstrate how to make the most of RiCK™.
  • User Guides - you’ll get access to our user guides, which give easy to follow instructions on how to use RiCK™.
  • Check-In with Ricardo Information Specialists - our team are here to help and can share tips and advice on getting started with your RiCK™ subscription.

Ongoing Support

Throughout your subscription, our team will help you receive the right level of support and technical guidance.

Access to our support team - Ask specific questions about how to research, to our team of Information Specialists. A RiCK™ 2.0 subscription gives you access to the team to search for you. Our Information Specialists can assist your team in finding exactly what they need. The team combines years of research and insight experience with Boolean, natural language and keyword search techniques to help you locate the best resources.
Free Resources - take advantage of the free resources available to our customers including regular webinars, blog and LinkedIn updates.
Regular email updates - regular updates of new features, new research and new reports.
Reporting - understand how your team are utilising RiCK™ and the type of information they search for.

Meet the RiCK™ Team

Donna Wild - Customer Information Specialist

Donna is a Customer Information Specialist and is on hand for RiCK™ clients to answer questions and offer support with searches and information needs. Donna has over 20 years of experience as an Information Specialist in the automotive and engineering sector, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Media.

Donna Wild

Clair Sharpe - Senior Information Specialist

Clair is an Information Specialist with experience spanning over 20 years. Clair ensures that source material in RiCK™ is correctly indexed and helps subscribers to locate the information they need. Clair already supports RiCK™ clients and Ricardo teams with the location of research for technical projects. She has expertise in searching using both natural language and keywords. She has a Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science.

Clair Sharpe

Cody Yang - Digital Information Assistant

Cody is a Digital Information Assistant, and he has extensive experience in information management and data analysis. He has helped customers across the globe and is multilingual; speaking English, Mandarin Chinese and beginner level Cantonese. Cody previously worked for a large Oil & Gas company.

Cody Yang

Angela Johnson - Head of Knowledge and Technology Strategy for Ricardo Strategic Consulting

Angela is an engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the automotive sector. She has spent the majority of her career helping high-profile global customers (including major automakers, fuel & energy players, government organisations and tech start-ups) address technical, environmental and business issues. She understands the importance of getting access to the right information at the right time. Together with her RiCK™ team, she is seeking to make it easier for organisations to access knowledge.

Angela Johnson

Jo Ross leads both the Digital Marketing for Ricardo Strategic Consultancy and the RiCK™ Product teams

Jo has a BA degree in Communication Studies and 20 years of experience working with high-profile global brands such as Google and EDF. Jo has a passion for customer-centric design, and she ensures product development and service offering for RiCK™ is focussed on end-users, she consistently looks for tools to make people’s lives simpler.

Jo Ross

Louise Scott - Knowledge Management Coordinator for Ricardo Strategic Consulting

Louise has several years of experience supporting Ricardo consultants and analysts across the globe, helping them find the technical information they need to deliver successful projects. She also supports the other members of the RiCK team in identifying new content for RiCK and managing third party subscriptions. Louise has a background in Quality Assurance and document control.

Louise Scott