Rail Research

Rail Research

Where does RiCK™ gather rail research?

A RiCK™ news subscription can give your team access to rail research including rail technical papers, and the latest relevant articles related to the rail industry. RiCK™ contains comprehensive information and updates on many rail industry-related subjects including development of railway vehicles, powertrains, railway infrastructure and environmental issues. It provides a comprehensive source of leading-edge information for those working within the international rail industry. The information can help both large and niche rail teams to navigate the industry’s operational, commercial and regulatory information needs. Bringing information together in one source helps rail teams to save time and access relevant information instantly and guides those using the tool to trusted publications.

Leading rail research is curated from journal and magazine subscriptions, technical papers and reports. The database which is continually updated to bring you the most current information, includes abstracts from the latest technical rail reports. Ricardo information experts handpick the information in RiCK™.The information available is related to all aspects of the rail industry covering railway vehicles, powertrains, railway infrastructure, safety and environmental issues including decarbonisation.

What type of rail information does RiCK™ include?

A subscription to RiCK™ is useful for all of those who would like to gain access to detailed technical research in relation to the rail industry. It is easy to use and can provide an immediate overview of the information available on your chosen subject of interest. The information covered includes several topics like railway infrastructure, railway vehicles, propulsion technology and systems for environmental sustainability, environmental impacts of rail and decarbonisation. It is a critical reference source for work on key technical issues such as railway engineering and digitalisation of the industry. Here are some of the topics that RiCK™ provides quick report access for:

Rail Traction and Propulsion Systems

You will be able to access abstracts of technical papers, news and articles that relate to traction and propulsion systems. This information can include updates on electric hydrogen, fuel cells and alternative powertrains.

Railway Infrastructure

The RiCK™ database includes information relevant to anyone undertaking responsibility for planning, establishing or maintaining railway infrastructure. You can gain access to a summary of information on railway electrification systems, signalling, wheel-rail interaction, and more.

Railway Vehicles

A RiCK™ subscription includes access to railway vehicle information including relevant papers regarding rolling stock, rail vehicle components, automation, railway noise and vibration.

Environmental Sustainability and Decarbonisation in Rail

Discover up to date papers and research relating to air quality, decarbonisation, Net-Zero and energy consumption in rail.

Railway Safety

Research, articles, news and technical papers relating to railway safety.

Rail Conferences and Webinars

A comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences.

The type of extracts you can discover in RiCK™ include:

  • Decarbonisation And Air Quality Improvement: A Roadmap For The Rail Freight Industry - Ricardo Energy & Environment & Rail - Rail Safety & Standards Board Research Project - August 2020.
  • Future Costs For Hydrogen And Battery Power For Traction - Ricardo Energy & Environment & Rail Safety & Standards Board Research Project - August 2020.
  • A Full-scale Experimental Investigation Of Passenger And Freight Train Aerodynamics - University Of Birmingham - May 2020.
  • Electrification: The Route To Zero-carbon - Modern Railways - October 2020.
  • Decarbonising The British Network - International Railway Journal - October 2020.
  • Transenergy – A Tool For Energy Storage Optimization, Peak Power And Energy Consumption Reduction In Dc Electric Railway Systems - Journal Of Energy Storage - August 2020.
  • Cyber-security For Rail: Embarking On A Safe Journey Towards Digitalisation - Germany Railway Industry Association - Global Railway Review - October 2020.
  • Decarbonisation Of The Rail Industry: Challenges, Next Steps And Opportunities - Infrared - November 2020.
  • A RiCK™ subscription can help your team to find trusted rail market research and intelligence in one place. We work closely with our Rail experts to validate the topics covered, and sources are picked based on their relevance to the industry.

Launching Soon

RiCK™ Rail Technical Update

RiCK™ Rail Technical Update is a monthly publication that provides a summary of the latest information relevant to the rail industry. Rail information specialists review and select content which includes topic-specific updates covering subjects such as railway safety, sustainability, decarbonisation, railway vehicles, infrastructure, traction and propulsion systems.

Delivered electronically on a monthly basis, entries are sorted by subject heading with links to source articles allowing the user to quickly review specific areas of interest.. Details of forthcoming conferences are also included.

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