RiCK™ Demo: How to gain access to leading technical research

What to expect from a 30-minute RiCK demo

A Google search can return billions of results, but finding source material and trusted intelligence you can use to make critical business decisions is challenging.

The RiCK™ database contains information that is handpicked from a broad range of sources like Automotive World, SAGE publishing, SAE and Elsevier. It has over 350,000 trusted technical papers.

Request a demo from one of our RiCK™ Information Specialists, and they will guide you through their methodology to access the technical research you can trust. In the demo you can expect:

  • Search - Learn your way around the search screen and best practice techniques. Our Information Specialist will explain the difference between natural language searching and Boolean logic.
  • Advanced Search - Discover how to run advanced searches and narrow searches using combined fields.
  • Access Technical Reports - Our Information Specialists will help you discover open-access reports and how to purchase other reports of relevance.
  • Saved Searches - Saved searches help users to quickly retrieve records without recreating search strategy.
  • Export Reports - Discover how to export the report abstracts and create a citation report.
  • Conference List - Find out how to access the conference list.
  • Technology Roadmaps - Discover how to access Ricardo Technology Roadmaps.
  • Technical Updates - Find out how to access Ricardo technical updates.

Our Information Specialist will also help you explore the collection feature and the report reviews and rating features.

For your complimentary 30-minute demo, complete the form on this page.

Learn more about onboarding and RiCK support here.