RiCK™ Packages

Does your organisation need to locate specific technical research in the automotive, aviation, marine or rail industry? A RiCK™ subscription gives you access to the same knowledge and research as Ricardo’s keenest technical minds. It’s vital that organisations stay ahead of the curve and locate the latest intelligence related to electrification, decarbonisation, propulsion and hydrogen. The transportation, engineering, environment and energy industries are experiencing rapid change and it can be hard to cut through the plethora of noise to find trusted information.

Climate change and technological developments are having a vast impact on the world, and it’s essential for those working within the transportation, energy, engineering and environment sectors to adapt to the latest advances in technology and changes in legislation. 

A RiCK™ subscription gives access to the latest research in these subject areas with curated extracts of the latest technical reports, research papers, articles and access to open papers all in one place. Quite simply, this saves your organisation time and increases profitability. Over 500 new entries are hand-picked by Ricardo Information Specialists and added to the database each month. Ricardo’s technical experts use RiCK™ for their research. 

RiCK™ 1.0

This subscription level is perfect for smaller research teams who need to quickly acquire information about a wide breadth of topics and gain deep knowledge across several subject areas. 

Unlimited access to the RiCK™ database with access to over 300,000 references from trusted industry sources. The database includes extracts of technical reports, papers and articles relating to propulsion, electrification, decarbonisation, hydrogen and more across the automotive, aviation, marine and rail sectors. Sources include Sage publishing, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and more.

RiCK™ 1.0 also provides:

  • RiCK™ Ratings - Ricardo experts offer their opinion on published papers, journals and articles.
  • Onboarding support and training.
  • The ability to save searches, share content with your team, and automate citation lists.

A RiCK™ subscription can help teams make informed decisions to develop a future strategy from reliable industry sources. There are three RiCK™ subscription packages:

RiCK™ Bespoke

This package is a good choice for organisations that want to dedicate research to one specific subject. This package provides all of the features of RiCK™ 1.0 plus dedicated support in your chosen specific field, based on your knowledge goals.

We tailor the package based on your research needs, whether you need to access hydrogen, decarbonisation, propulsion or electrification knowledge. We can also target specific subjects like battery management, for example.

The package provides all of the features of RiCK™ 1.0 plus dedicated support in your chosen specific field. You will gain access to relevant and original Ricardo content, technical bulletins, technology roadmaps and full access to our Information Specialists to carry out assisted subject searches to support your project delivery.

In addition to the benefits of RiCK™ 1.0, a bespoke subscription includes:

  • Ricardo Information Specialists - Ongoing search support from experienced Information Specialists in your chosen field of electrification, decarbonisation, hydrogen, propulsion or another specific subject topic.
  • Technical Updates - Regular technical update of your choice summarising the recently published reports, whitepapers and research in your chosen subject area.
  • RiCK™ News - A weekly news email summarising all of the breaking news in your chosen subject area curated from over 80000 news sources.

RiCK™ 2.0

A RiCK™ 2.0 subscription is perfect for OEMs, tier suppliers, energy companies and organisations who need to stay ahead of competitors across multiple sectors, new technologies and innovation. This package includes all of the features of RiCK™ 1.0, but in addition, it provides access to all of Ricardo’s Technology Roadmaps, regular Technical Updates, Forthcoming Conference List and weekly market and industry news emails. 

In addition to the benefits of RiCK™ 1.0, a RiCK™ 2.0 subscription includes:

Technology roadmaps
Ricardo’s technical experts created this suite of roadmaps, combining desk research and first-hand expertise to look at potential market developments beyond 2030. There are currently five technology roadmaps that are updated annually to adapt to the latest changes in the market.


Forthcoming conference list
One of the most comprehensive lists of forthcoming global automotive, engineering, transport, and energy conferences searchable by market sector and product group, published on a monthly basis, the Ricardo Forthcoming Conference List includes planned conferences, exhibitions and webinars looking several years in advance.  Sectors covered include passenger cars, commercial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, fuels & lubricants, rail, defence, marine, motorcycles, engines and future mobility.


Technical Updates
Ricardo Information Specialists curate monthly updates of the latest published literature relating to specific subjects, including technical reports, whitepapers, conference papers, press releases and news articles. These updates ensure you don’t miss the latest industry research and developments in each area. Currently, technical updates available include, Hydrogen, Decarbonisation, Engine Components, Transmissions, New Engines, Gas Engines, Fuel Economy, Fuels and Lubricants, Hybrid and Electric Powertrains, and Transmissions.  For a full list of titles visit RSC Technical Updates.


Advanced searches
Ricardo Information Specialists are on hand to assist your team in finding precisely the information they need for three months. The team combine years of knowledge management experience with Boolean, natural language and keyword search techniques to help you locate the best resources.