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A subscription to RiCK™ News helps to streamline your workflow. Each week subscribers receive an email with coverage of the industry’s breaking news with insights focused on future mobility, fuels, lubricants and batteries.

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Articles are brought to you via weekly email alerts, and the content is aggregated from over 80000 news and market sources and feeds. The email update features high-quality industry news headlines and summaries all in one place with a link to the source. It features compelling content, with alerts sourced from leading media organisations such as Reuters, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Automotive News and Automotive World.

Subscribers will:

Save time - Let artificial intelligence monitor the news for you. Get access to high-quality coverage of breaking auto news from Reuters, Bloomberg and other leading media outlets, in one destination. Content aggregated from over 80,000 news sources.

Expand Knowledge - Stay updated instantly with easily scan-able headlines and article summaries with links to the original source. Access to the finest market coverage as it happens with weekly emails.

Discover Competitor News - Stay up to date with information on competitors’ funding & investments which indicate their future development plans and product strategies.

Get subject-specific information - RiCK™ News focuses on batteries, mobility, fuels and lubricants.

Fuel and Lubricant News

Get the latest fuel and lubricant industry news including topic-specific updates covering subjects such as fuel technology, hydrogen, fuel market developments and effects of fuel.

Future Mobility News

Stay connected to all of the latest developments and news related to the future of mobility covering news updates on industry disruption, connected and autonomous vehicles, vehicle connectivity, cybersecurity, electrification and more.

Battery News

The latest battery news, including topic-specific updates covering subjects such as electric vehicle battery news, battery storage, battery technology developments, global battery data updates and more.

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