Webinars and Conferences

Webinars and Conferences

RiCK™ conference list for automotive, engineering, transport & energy.

A subscription to RiCK™ 2.0 includes access to one of the most comprehensive lists of forthcoming global automotive, engineering, transport and energy conferences. It’s included as part of a higher level RiCK™ subscription which also gives access to the RiCK™ database, specialist subject news, technical bulletins and technology roadmaps. The list also provides an indication of which conferences have an open call for papers.

The list itself is searchable and is available by market sector and product group, and is continuously updated and curated by RiCK™ information experts.

It includes conference lists for the following sectors:

RiCK automotive conferences

Automotive Conferences

Our mission at Ricardo is to support the evolution of the automotive sector towards an efficient, low-carbon future. RiCK™ strives to help its customers get all the information they need on the upcoming conferences across the globe. The RiCK™ conference list gives a comprehensive view of automotive events including all passenger car and commercial vehicle-related conferences along with future mobility conferences, electrification, autonomous vehicle conferences, connected vehicles and more.

The listing includes leading events such as the WCX SAE World Congress Experience, Vienna Motor Symposium, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, and Automotive World’s Future Mobility Europe.

Energy and Environment Conferences

Ricardo is at the forefront of efforts to understand the implication of climate change. Attending industry conferences can help individuals to gain a broader understanding of the issues and keep up to date with the latest energy and environment thought leadership and developments. The RiCK™ conference list has a comprehensive view of events covering climate change, emissions, renewable energy, hazardous materials, energy management, and more. The listing includes leading events such as The International Energy & Environment Fair, and a full range of events from IEEE and The Energy Institute.

Rail Conferences

Find out what’s happening across the rail industry with the RiCK™ conference list that includes rail-related events and seminars. The RiCK™ conference list features events covering rail safety, electrification, engineering, infrastructure, freight and more. It comprises leading events like the ASME Joint Rail Conference, the CIMAC World Congress and the AVL Large Engine Tech Day events.

RiCK rail conferences

Marine Conferences

For those in the marine industry that want to gain an understanding of the latest developments in this new technological era, you can find all of the latest marine engine events and seminars. Features events from leading organisers such as the Informa Green Ship Technology Conference.

RiCK Marine conferences

Motorcycle Conferences

For those working within the motorcycle industry, this list covers all the must-attend events in the motorcycle calendar that will include speakers from the world’s leading motorcycle brands, technology component suppliers, future trends and more. It features leading events such as the ACEM European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers Conference.

RiCK motorcycle conferences

Defence conferences

The defence list covers a full overview of defence conferences, events and military industry exhibitions featuring events like the IQPC International Armoured Vehicles Conference.

RiCK defense conferences