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Does your team need help with knowledge management and technical research from trusted secondary sources? A subscription to RiCK™ helps teams to find trusted technical content. The RiCK™ database combines the power of intelligence and information specialists to help your team locate precisely the knowledge they need when they need it - beneficial for anyone embarking on automotive, engineering, transport and energy projects.

  • Make teams more agile
    Reduce the time your team spends searching for relevant and trusted technical information.
  • Access our information experts
    The database is managed by Ricardo experts that can help technical teams with complex information searches.
  • Technical content you can trust
    A subscription to RiCK™ provides immediate access for research engineers and other teams to over 300,000 abstracted references from industry-leading sources.

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An overview of RiCK™

A subscription to this technical abstract database allows your team to access the right secondary research instantly. They will discover information from trusted technical content providers all in one place. RiCK™ Information Specialists review and curate inputs and over 500 new entries are added and curated each month. The database also has added features including:

Trusted sources

Trusted sources

Over 300,000 abstracted references, include industry-leading papers and articles from the automotive, engineering, transport, and energy sectors.

Accurate searches

Accurate searches

RiCK™ dedicated information specialists review and tag all of the entries in the database to enhance search accuracy.

Team collaboration

Help teams to work smarter and faster together with the shared content feature; you can even save searches in a dedicated space.

RiCK™ ratings

RiCK™ ratings

Ricardo technical experts review and rate references they have used.

Automate citations

Automate citations

Create citation lists for easy report updates, saving valuable time.

Annual subscriptions

All packages are based on individual a single-site subscription (up-to 5 people).  For further details about multi-site licences and global content packages please contact: rick@ricardo.com

Prices start at £500 for a specialist news letter subscription, £4,900 for access to the database and £12,700 for database access, plus specialist news, forthcoming conferences, technology roadmaps, and advanced search functionality. 

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RiCK™ features

RiCK™ enhanced subscriptions are also available, which gives access to additional features including:

Technology roadmaps
A collection of Technology Roadmaps from Ricardo experts looking to 2030 and beyond. They focus on the future of mobility including; Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Automation, Electrification, and more. Ricardo technical experts and Technology Strategy Consultants combine opinions on a specific area with a potential scenario and roadmap for the future.

Specialist subject news
A tailored sector-specific content aggregator that allows you to keep up to date with the topics that matter to you. Content aggregated from over 80,000 news sources driven by artificial intelligence with curation from RiCK™ by information experts.
Perfect for thought leadership and competitor analysis, this tool allows you to keep up to date with the topics that matter to you in a targeted newsletter.

Ricardo case studies
Access to a collection of technical case study examples from Ricardo in one location. Only available as part of RiCKTM 3.0 subscription.

Forthcoming conference list
One of the most comprehensive lists of forthcoming global automotive, engineering, transport, and energy conferences searchable by market sector and product group. Published on a monthly basis, the Ricardo Forthcoming Conference List includes planned Conferences and Exhibitions looking several years in advance.  Sectors covered include passenger cars, commercial vehicles, autonomous vehicles, fuels & lubricants, rail, defence, marine, motorcycles, engines and future mobility.

News bulletins
Our suite of bulletins cover the latest developments and summarise the most recent literature published in a technical subject area. The information included is selected by RiCKTM Trusted Information Specialists for inclusion. Monthly news bulletin subject areas currently include: Autonomous Vehicle Update, Components News, Fuel Economy News, Fuels & Lubricants News, Hybrid & Electric Powertrain News and Transmission News.

Advanced searches
Access RiCK™ trusted Information Specialists are on hand to assist your team in finding precisely what they need. The team combine years of research and insight experience with Boolean, natural language and key word search techniques to help you find the best resources. RiCK™ 2.0 provides access to Information Specialists support for the first 3 months of your subscription and RiCK™ 3.0 for a full year.

For full details of all packages go to rick.ricardo.com. If you’d like a demo of RiCK complete the enquiry form below.

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RiCK™ is a subscription-based platform product from Ricardo. The platform requires a login, but RICK™ trusted information specialists are on hand to give you a free demonstration. They are happy to guide you through the product benefits and subscription options.

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