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Knowledge Management - gathering technical information to solve problems

Is your team experiencing information overload when executing technical research? The world is constantly evolving, and technical teams are continuously innovating. Automotive, engineering, transport and energy teams often start projects with research.
Good knowledge management is imperative for effective technical research. This useful guide covers the problems experienced when executing technical research and how to solve them.
Since the beginning of the internet, the volume of information available has grown exponentially. Along with that growth in knowledge, there has been less control over information sources, and the risk of information overload. For technical teams, it’s vital that the information they source is accurate.
Download this guide from the RiCK team, which can help.
Avoiding information overload. A useful guide to Knowledge Management.
In this guide, Ricardo Information Specialists Donna Wild and Clair Sharpe share useful tips to bring clarity and focus to your research. The guide gives an overview of the types of problems technical teams are experiencing and highlights a use case from BP. It also details how to start a research study of existing literature and tips for bringing clarity and focus to technical research.