Ricardo Performance Products win British Engineering Excellence Awards 2020 Grand Prix

Ricardo Performance Products win British Engineering Excellence Awards 2020 Grand Prix
22 April 2021
Ricardo wins BEEA Grand Prix award

Martin Starkey, Managing Director of Ricardo Performance Products, reflects on the division's double success at the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2020.

“Over the past year, we have all witnessed the urgent need for companies to bring new products to market quickly, safely, successfully and cost-effectively. From ventilators to PPE to electrified transport, companies of all sizes around the globe have had to respond to real short-term or longer term market needs and be able to industrialise their innovation with confidence.”

“Ricardo has pioneered the combination of capability in technical consulting with the new product introduction skills required to transition an innovative, complex product from concept to scalable, repeatable, volume production. This work extends across a range of market sectors – including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, rail, defence, motorsport, energy and environment with clients in all sectors seeing significant improvement in their time to market and investment profile to reach production.”

“My team deploys these skills to develop and manufacture a new generation of products, aligned with the widely acknowledged industry megatrend of increased electrification, with high voltage batteries and mechanical systems for electrified vehicles forming a key part of the future strategy.”

“These services are provided to external clients active in the development of technologies aligned with the global need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions. This area is seeing unprecedented focus and significant investment – an ability to ‘bridge the gap’ from concept to production will help accelerate the low carbon future and, for Ricardo, align with the companies long standing mission to ‘maximise efficiency and eliminate waste’ as set out by Sir Harry Ricardo in 1915.”

“To be recognised by the British Engineering Excellence Awards not only as Consultancy of the Year for 2020 but also as the winner of the annual prestigious ‘Grand Prix’ – the ultimate champion of the champions for the year – is a clear recognition of the need for these skills in the rapidly evolving global market, and our expertise in delivering innovative and timely solutions to manufacturing challenges faced by a range of global clients across a wide range of products and sectors.”

“The judges of the British Engineering Excellence Awards said of Ricardo: ‘A great consultancy is one that not only thinks critically, but takes a client on a journey, from concept to commercialisation. Ricardo has delivered just that. Across the board Ricardo has proved itself, time and again, as a trusted supporter of companies delivering innovative solutions effectively and efficiently.’ I am extremely proud of my team, and we look forward to continuing to support our customers as their trusted, expert guide in successfully introducing new products to the market.”

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