Key information

Key information

This two-day event will gather industry in advanced mobility to understand the realities of future urban mobility and goods movement.  

 The workshop style conference will be held on June 18 and 19, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.  Attendees will be limited to 100 to facilitate discussions and networking.

The conference will specifically focus on the expected level of mobility which can be achieved by 2025 and the key enablers in terms of on-board and off-board vehicle technologies, investments and policy changes required to make this happen.  Sessions will involve key note presentations and interactive panel discussions on technology roadmaps, market requirements and business case for services.  Topics will include technology developments and requirements from vehicle OEMs, new entrants and suppliers, the role of government regulation and investments, cost-benefit scenarios and consumer behavioral patterns for mobility preferences.   

The conference is intended to be interactive workshop allowing participants to discuss and collate views on the reality of people and goods mobility by 2025.  This will be achieved through panel Q+A sessions and allowing the conference participants to express questions and opinions through phone apps/internet.   At the end of each day, a summary will be provided of key insights.  In addition, a short report will also be prepared by Ricardo on these insights and provided to participants within two weeks of the conference completing.

Why Attend

  • Holistic themes: Gain perspective from key leaders on several key aspects of advanced mobility, including consumer behavior, technology deployments, policies and investments
  • 2025 view:  Take away industry viewpoints on upcoming transformations requiring planning and preparation today
  • Interactive sessions: Opportunities to engage in workshop style discussions with key players
  • Ability to influence: Join industry influencers and participants across different stakeholder groups
  • Insightfulness: High level strategic content and deep analysis and discussion for key topics