Test services

Test services

Testing programmes tailored to your requirements

With vehicles test cells operating 24 hours a day across locations in Europe and North America we provide test programmes tailored to the specific requirements of each client, helping them optimise the performance and durability of an engine throughout its development.

Testing services include:

  • Engine test facilities including steady-state, semi-anechoic and highly-dynamic test beds with road-load simulation and constant-volume sampler systems
  • Test beds linked to secure web-based tools for remote, real-time interaction with test programmes
  • Base engine test beds adapted to address project requirements – facilities include specialist capabilities such as 'tilt' where engines may be subjected to dynamic and static inclination in loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Performance and emission test beds utilise the latest advanced tools and techniques including automated mapping and design of experiments
  • For driveline and transmission testing, we provide two- and four-wheel drive fully dynamic electrical rigs; a semi-anechoic test chamber; and gearshift durability, functionality and lubrication development rigs
  • Chassis dynamometers covering a range of services from emission and durability to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), addressing applications including motorcycles, scooters and small commercial vehicles
  • Rig systems to support development on components and sub-assemblies
  • Gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, fourier transform infra-red, and thermal gravimetric analysis
  • Particle size and number measurement
  • After-treatment and fuels and lubricants testing
  • Training and support for clients' test engineering teams.
Testing and development solutions for e-powertrain

Testing and development solutions for e-powertrain

We have a range of testing and development services aimed at developing the next generation of electrified powertrains. Learn more about the Electrified Propulsion Research Centre here.

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