Respect for planet earth - every day

Respect for planet earth - every day
22 April 2021
Ricardo Earth Day

Every day we help our clients to manage, reduce and, wherever possible, repair climate damage.
We bring the best of our diverse expertise to create novel and differentiating solutions to our clients’ challenges. We do this by providing advice and developing tools to enable the sustainable provision of clean air and water. By delivering engineering solutions that contribute to reduced and zero carbon footprints and emissions in transportation. By designing strategies to reduce carbon intensity in energy. And by promoting renewable sources.

Every day we prioritise sustainability in our own practices by operating efficiently, using resources and energy wisely and travelling safely.
We are committed to achieving net zero by 2030 and have started a number of actions including a commitment to the science-based target initiative, scoping our site energy efficiency projects and setting an intermediate target of 90% renewable electricity for 2025.

As with other listed companies, our shareholders are also focused on our sustainability agenda (Environment, Social and Governance) and as a result, we regularly monitor and report back on the progress we are making according to those standards. 

And we genuinely mean it. Today, more than 55% of our revenues are to some extent driven by climate change or the environment.

Every day we are taking steps to protect planet earth.
At Ricardo, we are celebrating Earth Day alongside our Respect Week. Respect is one of our core values that guide our ways of working but it stands for much more. Respect is a mindset that drives everything we do. During Respect Week, we are exploring what more we can all do to be respectful – and that includes respecting our planet earth. We encourage everyone to make at least one lasting change that contributes positively to our planet’s restoration.

Happy Earth Day!