Full speaker list and schedule announced for 2020 Future Mobility conference

Full speaker list and schedule announced for 2020 Future Mobility conference
09 March 2020

Full speaker list and schedule announced for 2020 Future Mobility conference

  • Ricardo will host its second annual Future Mobility conference on 17 June 2020 at the Marriott Dearborn Inn, Detroit, Michigan, USA 

  • Focus on the key commercial and technological challenges of a connected and autonomous future in mobility, from personal and public transport to the movement of goods

  • High-profile speakers from the automotive, transportation, logistics, policy and legal sectors

  • Clear perspective on the near-term technological and commercial innovations capable of implementation and delivery over the five years to 2025

Organized by Ricardo Strategic Consulting, the June 2020 Future Mobility event will provide deep insights on the key technologies, and the commercial readiness of the transportation industry to meet the emerging opportunities and challenges in the movement of people and goods. With a focus on the expected deployments for connectivity, transportation services and autonomy in the period up to 2025, the event will be presented as a workshop-style conference with attendees limited to approximately 150 to facilitate truly effective and interactive discussion. Valuable networking opportunities will be built into the day, including a working breakfast and evening reception. 
The full speaker list is now available on the conference web site, and includes executives, consultants, and thought leaders covering all aspects of the future mobility ecosystem – from regulatory frameworks, law and policy across different jurisdictions, to sectoral expertise in the logistics, automotive and public transport spaces, and the development of commercial and technological innovations. 
The conference will open with a session on key trends in mobility, providing a deep dive into our current understanding of consumer interest and expectations for ride hailing and ride sharing, and how mobility services and public transit will intersect. This will be followed by an examination of connectivity and consumer experiences, and how the internet of things will transform transportation by 2025.
After a keynote presentation on connectivity as an enabler for fleet scale electrification, the conference will focus on the interrelationship of the law and future mobility, addressing the need for regulatory and automotive product liability frameworks to adapt to an increasingly connected and autonomous future.
The final session of the conference will focus on the first autonomous vehicle deployments for movement of goods and people, with a discussion of speakers’ perspectives on the opportunities offered, likely barriers to introduction, and when and why different types of automated vehicle will enter service.
A summary of key insights will be provided at the end of the day. In addition, a report will be prepared by Ricardo on these insights and shared with participants within two weeks of the conference.
For further information on this year’s Future Mobility conference or to register for as a delegate, visit: https://rsc.ricardo.com/capabilities/mobility-strategy/future-mobility-conference