Ricardo and Doosan reveal advanced low emissions technology of new DL06 engine

Ricardo and Doosan reveal advanced low emissions technology of new DL06 engine
08 October 2013


  • Ricardo and Doosan Infracore today presented details of the latest DL06 engine at the 22nd Aachen Colloquium on automobile and engine technology
  • The new Tier 4 Final version of the DL06 includes an ultra-low particulate combustion system featuring the Ricardo Twin Vortex Combustion System (TVCS)
  • Achieves compliance with Tier 4 Final particulate emissions levels without requirement for a DPF – providing a highly cost-effective and clean solution

The Doosan DL06 engine is a turbocharged and intercooled 5.9 litre, in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine used in both on-highway and off-highway applications. It features a 4-valve/cylinder head, with a central vertical injector location and high pressure common rail fuel injection system. Typical off-highway applications for the engine are excavators and wheeled loaders, made by Doosan and its subsidiaries such as US manufacturer, Bobcat. First introduced in 2005, the most recent version of the DL06 is certified to Tier 4 interim exhaust emissions regulations, and is equipped with cooled EGR to reduce NOx emissions and a DPF to minimize particulate. With the substantially reduced NOx levels required for Tier 4 Final compliance, Doosan has like many of its competitors opted to include Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as part of its aftertreatment technology package.

However, as today’s presentation revealed in detail for the first time, using advanced simulation tools including the WAVE engine performance simulation and VECTIS CFD package, Doosan and Ricardo engineers were able to develop the Tier 4 Final version of the new DL06 engine without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter.  The ultra-low particulate combustion concept of the new DL06 engine is based on a combustion chamber employing the Ricardo TVCS concept to improve homogeneity of air-fuel mixing, adequate air-fuel ratio at all conditions by balancing the EGR rates and boosting system match, and high fuel injection pressures and appropriate nozzle specification for good atomization.

“We were particularly pleased to be able to reveal – for the first time today – some of the advanced technologies used in the development of the new Doosan DL06 Tier 4 Final engine,” commented Dr Andy Noble of Ricardo “This is an exceptionally clean engine which has benefitted from an intensive development effort and incorporation of Ricardo’s state-of-the-art low particulate combustion technology. I would like to thank my colleagues at Doosan who carried out this engineering work with Ricardo, and also the senior management of Doosan Infracore, who were very generous in granting permission for us to share the details of this very successful collaboration in the paper published with today’s presentation.”



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