Ricardo awarded ‘most complete’ inventory for UK emissions reporting

Ricardo awarded ‘most complete’ inventory for UK emissions reporting
10 May 2018

Ricardo awarded ‘most complete’ inventory for UK emissions reporting

Ricardo Energy & Environment has been recognized for compiling the most complete emissions inventory within a field of 40 by the United Nations Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections (TFEIP).

Ricardo Energy & Environment gathers and compiles data on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions for the UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Agency on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Its recognition by TFEIP, an organization which supports the international reporting of official air pollutant emissions and projections data, demonstrates the ‘completeness’ of the UK’s inventory. The UK’s inventory reports emissions from a variety of sectors, including waste, industry, agriculture, forestry, and transport, and has been delivered in various forms by Ricardo for more than 20 years.

Sean Christiansen, Ricardo director for environmental evidence and data, said: “It is an honour to deliver the UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, and we are delighted to see it recognised on the international stage. The award reflects the UK’s commitment to continuously enhancing the breadth and quality of our emissions data and builds on over two decades of service and collaboration with the UK government.”

Ricardo uses advanced data handling and modelling systems, alongside the team’s huge depth of expertise, to compile, process, check and quality assure enormous data volumes which are then presented in a variety of accessible, user friendly ways. Researchers and policy makers can access and apply National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory data within air quality modelling and health impact studies at national, regional, local or city level, or use the data to target research for specific sources or economic sectors.

To find out more about Ricardo’s work supporting emissions monitoring and management in the UK and internationally, visit https://ee.ricardo.com/air-quality/emissions-inventories