Ricardo congratulates Mahindra on launch of India’s first AMT equipped SUV

Ricardo congratulates Mahindra on launch of India’s first AMT equipped SUV
13 September 2015

Launch of the Mahindra TUV300; (L-R) Rajan Wadhera, Dr. Pawan Goenka, Anand Mahindra and Pravin Shah

India’s leading SUV manufacturer, Mahindra, has unveiled its much-awaited sports utility vehicle, the TUV300, featuring the first SUV use of the advanced autoSHIFT Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) co-developed with Ricardo.

The Mahindra 5-speed autoSHIFT transmission represents a significant step forward in driveline technology within the Indian automotive sector. Designed to improve both the driving experience and fuel economy, the unit incorporates the key efficiency advantages of a manual transmission while providing the smooth comfort and convenience of an automatic.

According to Mr. Rajan Wadhera, president of Truck and Powertrain and head of the Mahindra Research Valley, “Ricardo was the partner of choice, having developed many manual gearboxes and transmissions earlier with Mahindra. The Team Mahindra threw the challenge of achieving top class shift quality with least torque interruptions. I am glad Ricardo rose to the occasion and achieved the targets giving excellent driving character to the TUV3OO.”

The Mahindra TUV300’s innovative transmission has already been the subject of much media praise, with NDTV Auto’s Siddharth Vinayak Patankar reporting that: “…the big USP will be the AMT or automated manual transmission…. The Mahindra system has been co-developed with Ricardo, and I found it to have a superior driving character. It lurches less and has a smoother transition through the gears - meaning less need for getting used to it, smoother shifts, and hence more driving pleasure.”

Driving the autoSHIFT provides a rewarding experience, with the ability to switch between automatic and manual mode with just a tap on the lever. As a driver you are under full control of the vehicle making your own decision to hold on a gear or make quicker or delayed shifts as you might wish, without the need to operate the clutch pedal.

“I would like to congratulate Mahindra on the launch of the new TUV300 product featuring the advanced autoSHIFT AMT which was co-developed with Ricardo,” said Ricardo India president Mayank Agochiya. “This new Indian designed, engineered and manufactured vehicle represents yet another first for Mahindra in the Indian market, applying advanced technologies that set new benchmarks of performance, functionality and quality for customers. Ricardo is proud to have been able to collaborate with Mahindra on the development of the autoSHIFT transmission and we wish Mahindra every success with its impressive new TUV300 product.”


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