Ricardo crisis and emergency response team shares experience in on-scene command

Ricardo crisis and emergency response team shares experience in on-scene command
07 March 2018


Ricardo crisis and emergency response team shares experience in on-scene command

Experts from Ricardo’s crisis and emergency response management business area will share their global experience in delivering rapid incident response and discuss the core skill sets required for effective on-scene command at a free webinar to be hosted on 17 April 2018 at 14:00-15:00 BST.

Ricardo’s crisis management team provides incident and emergency response support to businesses throughout the world – including those in the air travel, hazardous materials handling, distribution and logistics and manufacturing sectors.

During the webinar, Ricardo experts will share this experience with those responsible for incident handling and on-scene command to support rapid intervention and effective decision making during an incident. The webinar is particularly timely for organisations in Europe and elsewhere which have endured severe weather conditions this winter and which have faced challenges in maintaining normal operations under extreme conditions.

The webinar will review the roles and expectations of an on-scene commander, the human factors associated with incident response and the technical and non-technical skillsets essential for effective emergency and incident response.

The panel will discuss the steps that a business can take to identify suitable personnel for the role of on-scene commander and review whether the non-technical skills associated with effective on-scene command can ever truly be taught. They will discuss the process for appointing highly trained on-scene commanders and the business case for investing in training and development for key personnel.

“The decisions made by on-scene commanders are of paramount importance to prevent harm and mitigate the impact of an ongoing incident,” said Chris Lewis, senior crisis management consultant for Ricardo Energy & Environment. “Ensuring that the right individuals are chosen for on-scene command, and that they have the tools and training needed to act dynamically when faced with an incident, is one of the most important and cost-effective investments an organisation can make. I look forward to sharing our experience with those at the front line of incident response and discussing the challenges they face within their organisations.”

Ricardo is a leading provider of emergency response and crisis management solutions. It draws on the 40-year heritage of providing emergency response and incident notification via the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC), an operating division of Ricardo.

To register for the free webinar Identifying a requirement for effective on-scene command during an incident, visit https://tinyurl.com/CrisisWeb     

To find out more about Ricardo’s crisis management services, provided through the company’s NCEC division, visit https://the-ncec.com/crisis-management or download ‘Incident Notification – supporting your employees and stakeholders’