Ricardo-led consortium wins UK government funding for safety-critical systems development

Ricardo-led consortium wins UK government funding for safety-critical systems development
27 February 2013


  • Project funding secured from the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative, a competition to create globally competitive supply chains
  • Ricardo-led PICASSOS project aims to deliver a step-change improvement in the ability of the UK supply chain to develop safe and secure embedded software systems at an affordable price

Safety-critical systems development is an area of particular concern for today’s auto industry, not least due to increases in both the complexity of control technology and the level of powertrain electrification. This will be the focus of the PICASSOS project, which stands for Proving Integrity of Complex Automotive Systems, and will be carried out in the West Midlands by Ricardo, together with partners Jaguar Land Rover, Axeon Power, YorkMetrics, D-RisQ and the universities of Oxford, Coventry and Warwick.

PICASSOS was announced today as one of the successful bidders for funding (subject to due diligence) under Round 2 of the UK Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI). As well as promoting more competitive supply chains, the initiative of competitive awards aims to sustain or create new employment opportunities, and create better synergies and sustained collaborative relationships throughout its participating supply chains.  With a total value of £2.4 million and subject to AMSCI funding of £1.5 million, the PICASSOS project aims to create and safeguard in excess of 200 jobs.

“Safety critical control systems are a crucial enabler for many of the most promising future innovations in automotive safety and fuel economy improvement, emissions reduction and more sustainable transport,” commented Ricardo UK managing director Martin Fausset. “We are extremely pleased that the PICASSOS project has been selected for funding under the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative, and believe that this work has a significant role to play in revitalizing the UK supply chain in this internationally significant area of future technology.”


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