Ricardo Software 2022.1 release focuses on reducing tailpipe emissions for a net-zero future

Ricardo Software 2022.1 release focuses on reducing tailpipe emissions for a net-zero future
14 April 2022

Decarbonising the global transport sector is critical to meeting governments’ net zero pledges and the real and ambitious Paris agreement targets.​ Ricardo Software is the trusted technology partner to the world’s leading transport OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, supporting their journey to zero tailpipe emissions sustainably with a balanced portfolio of technology solutions.
Ricardo Software’s  leading-edge tools and solutions facilitate design and optimisation as we transition into the future, whether that be ICE with new fuels, hybridisation, full electrification or fuel cell technology.
The 2022.1 release from Ricardo Software, now available for download, focuses on reducing tailpipe emissions for a net-zero future and features these key exciting enhancements:

Fluid Dynamics 

The drive to design better, more environmentally friendly engines places increasing emphasis on fast calibration of real-time models with accurate predictive combustion models.
In this release, we are building on the powerful real-time (RT) tuner delivered in 2021.3 to enable running the tuner on High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, to deliver real-time engine plant models quickly within a virtual product development workflow. 


Structural Mechanics

Original Equipment Manufacturers are challenged to decrease the carbon footprint of the internal combustion engine: reducing not only its friction and oil consumption but also its cost. To achieve that, they need a toolset which delivers optimal designs resulting in reduced development testing and cost.
With this release, transient solutions can be performed using RINGPAK enabling you easily to identify problems due to ring pack dynamics, that may only occur during a transient, allowing the engineer to reduce oil consumption and tail pipe emissions. 


Complex Systems

In today's market, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce tailpipe emissions produced by ICE powertrains. Building on many years of Ricardo's expertise in emission after-treatment modelling, Ricardo Software is proud to announce an exhaust after-treatment library included in IGNITE that allows you to reduce tailpipe emission tailpipe emissions for a net-zero future, using detailed 1-D predictive models. 
Customers will be able to experience and gain expert insight into the new release at the upcoming Ricardo Software virtual simulation event on 26 and 27 May. This free, innovative two-day event will showcase how Ricardo Software’s leading-edge tools and low-carbon solutions can address your engineering challenges towards a net-zero and sustainable future. 


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