Cox Powertrain's collaboration with Ricardo fundamental to its success

Cox Powertrain's collaboration with Ricardo fundamental to its success
01 November 2018
[Copy of press release issued today by Cox Powertrain]

Cox Powertrain’s collaboration with Ricardo fundamental to its success

Cox Powertrain’s collaboration with Ricardo fundamental to its success10-year creative partnership with engineering specialist, Ricardo, key to Cox’s transition from start-up to international brand
Innovation takes time to perfect and Cox Powertrain’s ground-breaking new CXO300 marine diesel outboard has been ten years in the making – resulting in one of the most highly-anticipated marine industry launches of 2018. Boasting remarkable performance, fuel efficiency and durability, the lightweight CXO300 is the highest power density diesel engine ever developed and looks set to spark unprecedented interest in the professional and recreational marine markets.

The original concept for a high-powered diesel engine had its roots in F1 and was developed by the firm’s founder motor sports engineer, David Cox. But it was when this idea was taken to the marine sector that it really took off and development commenced for the world’s most powerful diesel outboard. The project has attracted a substantial amount of investment and the firm has now established assembly facilities in Shoreham, England, with plans to announce its new US facility based in Florida soon.

Early in the development of the CXO300, Cox entered into a highly-successful collaboration with Ricardo, one of the foremost engineering and design consultancies in the world, with specialist knowledge of environmental legislation. Experts at Ricardo recognized the game-changing potential of the Cox opposed piston engine and formed a working partnership that has been fundamental to the firm’s development.

“Ricardo is pleased to have been able to support Cox throughout the development of the impressive CXO300 engine," commented Ian Penny, Director, Ricardo UK. “The lightweight construction of this engine provides a compelling solution for performance outboard applications such as fast RIBs, requiring high fuel efficiency and durability. On behalf of Ricardo I would like to congratulate Cox on the launch of the CXO300, an engine which I believe will be a segment-defining product.”

Cox Powertrain’s Technical Director, Stephen Moore, explained: “Ricardo provided invaluable assistance both in helping to develop the CXO300 from a concept to a commercial reality and also in assisting the business’ transition from a start-up to an international player.”


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