Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2001

Ricardo Quarterly Q4 2001


European cars get heavier as American cars shed weight, MG’s X80 will have a superplastic aluminium skin, rubber revolutions in cereal-filled tyres and lightweight components, drive-by-wire databuses move forward, sulphur-free fuel call for Europe by 2008. Plus a message from Ricardo chief executive Rodney Westhead


DEPE consortium creates a new online experimentation guide, Ricardo Inc is to build a new Detroit Technology Campus, Reynard Le Mans racer has a new transmission, India’s largest motorcycle maker uses Ricardo software, Hummer H2 gets engineering support from Ricardo. And a run-down of the company’s record financial results


Record run with Volkswagen

A W12 engine in a purpose-built, midengined, speed-record car powered Volkswagen to a proud entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It lapped Italy’s Nardo circuit for 24 hours at over 300km/h – and put its six-speed Ricardo transmission to a gruelling test. Tony Lewin reports

Telematics: the way ahead

The possibilities for information, communication and entertainment are vast – and so are the profit opportunities. Rob Golding gives a glimpse of what the telematics revolution has in store

Proud to be in Prague

Ricardo opened an engineering centre in the Czech Republic in 2000. Anthony Lewis meets the key players, who have some pioneering tales to tell


A telematics viewpoint

In reply to Rob Golding’s analysis of the future for telematics, Don Newton, director of Control and Electronics at Ricardo, gives his view

Jean-Martin Folz

The chief executive officer of PSA Peugeot Citroën, the fastest-growing carmaker in the auto industry, talks to Tony Lewin about his company’s policy of independent ownership and selective co-operation with other carmakers. It seems to be working

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