Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2003

Ricardo Quarterly Q2 2003



Jaguar is lead application for innovative Ford-PSA V6 diesel; new-car bugs are a thing of the past; hybrid future looks rosy; Mazda rotary wins engine award; Ricardo CEO salutes Jaguar and Aston Martin


Diesel survey reveals potential in US; new techniques reveal HCCI combustion secrets; i-MoGen wins BP fleet environmental prize; gasoline seminar shows future engine Thinking


Calibrating the cat

Jaguar’s advanced new XJ series – and how Ricardo calibration expertise helped bring one derivative to market smoothly and effectively. Anthony Smith meets the Jaguar and Ricardo teams

The hydrogen debate

It’s billed as the most important fuel for our future, yet important questions remain unanswered. Jesse Crosse looks at the issues and the potential solution

Global Testing Environment

Imagine an engineer in North America taking full control of a test cell in Europe or Japan: Ricardo has developed just such a system. Anthony Smith reports on the Ricardo GTE protocol that’s the next best thing to being in two places at once


Rick Wagoner

As chairman and CEO of General Motors, Wagoner sits behind the most important desk in the auto industry. Julian Rendell asks him about vehicle development, cost-saving, Fiat, Subaru, Saab and his other responsibilities

Burkhard Göschel

BMW’s head of development and purchasing is in confident mood at the launch of the new

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