Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2011

Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2011


Super car, super engine: McLaren is famous for demanding the absolute best, and no less. That’s why it turned to Ricardo for assistance in designing, developing and manufacturing a landmark V8 engine for its ground-breaking MP4-12C roadgoing supercar. Jesse Crosse tells the whole story

What’s the real carbon footprint? Tailpipe CO2 emissions have become the basis for vehicle taxation in the majority of mature car markets. But are we measuring the right things, and how should electric and alternative-fuel vehicles be assessed? Anthony Smith talks to the Ricardo engineers working to produce a balanced comparison that takes into account the whole-life emissions of different vehicle types at every stage from manufacture through use to final disposal

JAC’s Jin An: As president of this fast-growing Chinese vehicle maker, Jin An is masterminding the shift from commercial vehicles to passenger cars and the adoption of global standards of quality. He explains his strategy to Tony Lewin

RQ Viewpoint: On the new frontier of battery systems, the gold-rush is in full swing

Ricardo news: Electric vehicle design; new concepts in heavy duty combustion; advances in flywheel technology; University of Michigan solar powered car

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