Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2012

Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2012


Beating the oil addiction: A landmark research study led by Ricardo Strategic Consulting has predicted that peak oil will be a demand rather than supply-side phenomenon as consumption in China and other developing nations peaks and then declines.

On track for efficiency: With the UK mainland rail network only partially electrified, Ricardo has investigated a range of cost-effective options to improve the fuel efficiency of diesel traction.

War on waste: Only a quarter of the typical vehicle’s fuel is used for propulsion – the rest is wasted as parasitic losses. Ricardo, as part of the cross-industry LCTVP programme, has been investigating solutions that harness this wasted energy and benefit all types of vehicles.

RQ Viewpoint: ISO 26262 – a fundamental paradigm shift in automotive safety culture.

Ricardo news: Offshore wind; new Bugatti DCT contract; collaboration in India; SARTRE road train technology, and; MIA award for ‘Business of the Year’.

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