Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Minimising environmental impact

Ricardo has considered the impact on the environment of its services and activities and undertakes to assist clients to comply with ever-increasing environmental demands and to minimise the environmental impact of their own services, operations and products.

The responsibility for compliance sits with the Chief Executive supported by the Group Risk Manager and is delivered via Business Unit Managing Directors and their teams.

As an environmentally sustainable organisation, Ricardo’s principal environmental commitments are to:

  • Deliver products and services to our clients which support our mission “Creating a world fit for the future”.
  • Consider the impact of climate change on our operations as part of our planning.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls and business requirements.
  • Evaluate risks before undertaking new activities or operating in new locations.
  • Minimise pollution or nuisance that may be caused by our activities.
  • Protect local habitats and ecosystems that can be affected at Ricardo facilities where possible
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently and to reduce underlying consumption where possible.
  • Monitor energy/utility use and to find ways to reduce usage.
  • Encourage the reduction in CO2 emissions incurred from employees travelling on Ricardo business.
  • Minimise the generation of emissions and waste, disposing of according to local and national rules and regulations.
  • Identify significant environmental aspects and related impacts affecting our facilities and changes to products, processes, materials when business decisions are made.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through the setting and review of realistic and achievable objectives.
  • Provide appropriate resources for the implementation of this policy in line with the context of the business.
  • Publish targets and report performance in our annual Report and Accounts (from 2020).
  • Externally verify our greenhouse gas emissions reporting.
  • To achieve Net Zero from our operations by 2030.
  • Work with relevant interested parties/stakeholders to implement this policy.
  • Verify conformity to the requirements of ISO14001 at our main facilities.
  • Encourage our supply chain to adopt similar environmental commitments.
  • To be open to feedback from stakeholders via emails to [email protected].

This policy is implemented at each Ricardo facility through our management systems. Changes to this policy shall be driven by audit results, changing circumstances and the commitment to continual improvement. Staff awareness of this policy is ensured by providing appropriate training and communications.

Graham Ritchie
Chief Executive Officer

18 October 2021