Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting

Ricardo has a long and enviable track record of providing groundbreaking expertise to international governments, businesses and agencies

This can be traced back to the development of innovative air quality measurement and management techniques that helped to overcome the infamous ‘killer smogs’ of the 1950s. It has also evolved from the UK Government’s team of expert advisers that pioneered renewable energy technology, and energy and resource efficiency techniques following the oil price shocks of the early 1970s.

Sustainable solutions require an appreciation of the complex interrelationships between economic, social and environmental drivers. Through deep and broad expertise, Ricardo develops integrated solutions to complex environmental and sustainability issues. Today, we are taking our market-leading knowledge to all parts of the world.

Our technical excellence and breadth of capability are delivered by internationally respected experts in the fields of:

These experts deliver joined-up capabilities needed to address today’s most pressing and increasingly cross-sector challenges.

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