Hybrid and electric vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles

In response to increasing demand for low-carbon technologies, we help clients meet their challenges in hybrid and fully electric vehicle development

We have helped to deliver more than 200 projects in this fast-growing sector, offering extensive prototype design and manufacturing capability, including complete prototype production and niche-volume production of hydrid components.

Safety critical design

Control systems in vehicles systems are increasingly used to provide active safety functions, which simultaneously introduces significant risks in the event of their failure.

Our engineers are skilled in:

  • Applying safety analysis techniques required by safety standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and MISRA
  • Providing control system software, training, leadership and guidance
  • Designing reviews at all project stages.

Development and testing

Our test cells provide thorough analysis of novel hybrid components, offering a unique range of virtual tools to help clients minimise development spend and reduce time to market. 

Testing and development solutions for e-powertrain

Testing and development solutions for e-powertrain

We have a range of testing and development services aimed at developing the next generation of electrified powertrains. Learn more about the Electrified Propulsion Research Centre here.

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Report: High voltage fast charging for electric vehicles

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