Transmissions and drivelines

Transmissions and drivelines

Ricardo engineers design, develop and test new transmissions and differentials specifically for client applications

Our expertise covers a wide range of modern transmission systems and technologies, including manual, automatic, variable speed, continuously variable and automated manual. Services include:

Axles and driveline systems

Our engineers have developed a range of solutions from a simple pair of drive shafts to sophisticated technology that incorporates transfer cases, multiple shafts, drive axles and torque distribution management systems.

Niche manufacturing

Our facilities offer a range of niche manufacturing services, including extensive in-house machining, heat-treatment, assembly and inspection facilities.

Testing and simulation

Independent test cells located across the globe are used to rigorously test components, engines and full vehicles to evaluate performance and support compliance with local and industry legislations.

Control and electronics

We assist clients by providing control concept studies of system architecture, transmissions control unit hardware, and sensor and actuator selection, based on an objective selection tool. We also develop high-level control and low-level driver software fully integrated into the vehicle – including hybrids.

Aftermarket vehicle components

We help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ensure availability of critical automotive parts for aftermarket vehicles and can redesign components to improve efficiencies, meet new legislative targets or improve performance.

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