Future Trends in Gasoline Engine Technologies for Motorcycles

Future Trends in Gasoline Engine Technologies for Motorcycles

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As motorcycle legislation moves forward from Euro 5, it is fully expected to follow a similar path to that of passenger cars and light duty vehicles. The tightening requirements for fuel consumption and exhaust emissions will inevitably require the adoption of more advanced engine fuel injection systems and exhaust aftertreatment technologies.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Ricardo’s Paul Cawsey presents the anticipated challenges of the next level of legislation with specific regard to additional exhaust emissions requirements that may be reasonably expected to be introduced. He highlight how these challenges can be addressed by the advanced technologies.

This is then be followed by a presentation from Hayatoshi Sato of Yamaha, introducing a powertrain technology solution that delivers a high-level balance of economy and riding fun destined for the near future.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Insight into key future emissions trends including: RDE testing, challenges of fuel control, particulate and other new emissions species
  • Principal drivers for improved powertrain efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction, for example proposed potential sales tax incentives in Europe
  • Benefits of dual PFI and DI fuel injection systems, plus other potential efficiency improvement technologies applicable to MC engines

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