Webinar: Requirements Management

Webinar: Requirements Management

Requirements Management: Staying in control of the details throughout the rolling stock procurement process

Original broadcast date: May 11th 2021

Quality issues related to IT and software are often the last to emerge in major rolling stock procurement programmes, with errors and incompatibilities detectable only in the final testing stages.

In this webinar, Johan Zandhuis, Senior Consultant, explains how Requirements Management can help reduce risks during major procurement exercises. Using onboard IT and software as an example, this webinar shows how organisations can maintain a tight control over the details throughout a procurement process that can, in itself, take several years to complete.

This webinar demonstrates:

  • Why attention to software quality is incorrectly given low priority and often left too late.
  • Requirements management as a standard ingredient ('mise en place') for reducing risk.
  • Expected future developments.

About our host

Johan Zandhuis is a senior consultant in the Software and IT area within Ricardo's Rail division. His work revolves around the themes of 'business value and IT' and 'gaining a grip on rolling stock IT development and maintenance'.

Johan has deep knowledge of software development processes and requirements engineering, both in Systems Engineering and Agile environments. He also has extensive experience in mitigating the risks related to outsourced development and software integration. As well as advising railway operators and manufacturers about these issues on a day-to-day basis, he also lectures and publishes research.

Rolling stock procurement

Rolling stock procurement

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