RiCK™ Decarbonisation Research

RiCK™ Decarbonisation Research

Decarbonisation is increasingly a top priority for organisations who want to accelerate their journey towards Net Zero in response to the climate emergency and evolving Government regulations.

What is decarbonisation?

Decarbonisation is the process of removing or reducing the output of carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate change is one of the most threatening global problems, and governments around the world are implementing regulation to work towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris Agreement is an international treaty on Climate Change and sets out a global framework to avoid dangerous changes by limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. 

How can organisations work towards decarbonisation?

Companies have a huge role to play as we strive towards a low-carbon future. If organisations are going to reduce carbon emissions by 2050, they need to focus on areas such as transportation and power generation. Accelerating towards Net-Zero drives a fundamental requirement to reduce avoidable emissions and balance the use of renewable fuels and energy, carbon capture and storage. Organisations may also generate CO2 with projects that offset the equivalent amount of fuels or energy.

What is the Scope of Emissions?

The Greenhouse Gas protocol categorises emissions into three groups or scopes:
Scope 1: Covers emissions from organisations owned or controlled sources, like company vehicles.
Scope 2: Covers emissions from indirect sources such as electricity and heat.
Scope 3: Covers emissions that occur in a company's goods and services supply and value chain.

How can a RiCK™ subscription help on the path to decarbonisation?

A subscription to RiCK™ can provide immediate access to useful extracts featuring decarbonisation reports, whitepapers, news articles and technical journal articles to help teams formulate plans to achieve their targets and create a more sustainable plan across all scopes of emissions. Teams can quickly access relevant information, including research on the processes to assess carbon management.

Searching within RiCK™ can help you to quickly identify insight on energy usage, renewable energy, transport usage, new technology, government legislation and new decarbonisation initiatives. Net-zero brings the prospect of real benefits to global citizens, cleaner air, healthier diets, improved health and new economic opportunities that will arise from clean growth. A subscription to RiCK™ provides access to trusted resources, technical papers and news so that you can stay ahead of the curve of developments. RiCK™ delivers insight teams can trust to aid intelligent decision-making.

Entries are added to the RiCK™ database each month. Topics helping businesses gather decarbonisation insight include:

  • Technical research across multiple sectors, including transportation, heating & buildings, power generation and manufacturing.
  • Carbon reduction, renewable energy and energy storage reports and articles.
  • Access to information on accelerating road transport decarbonisation.
  • Emissions targets and how those targets might be achieved, e.g. How OEMs might achieve average fleet targets, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and take actions needed to reach greenhouse gas targets.
  • Reports on energy innovation, including future energy sources like hydrogen, and how low carbon fuels are expected to develop.
  • Research on how to future proof your company before changes take effect.
  • Overview of the challenges posed to the energy and transport sectors and reports on implementing technologies and processes to become carbon neutral.
  • The opportunities of moving towards a low carbon future.
  • Studies outlining costs and infrastructural requirements to support decarbonisation.
  • Climate change research papers, statistics and reports, and forecasts.
  • Sustainable energy technology and transportation developments.
  • The latest news and development on fuel economy and emissions, battery research and more. Future energy scenarios

Giuliana Trippa, Emissions Legislation Consultant at Ricardo, says:

 “The RiCK Decarbonisation Technical Update is a comprehensive source of information covering technical advancements and developments about decarbonisation and energy transition in the transport sector, power industry, buildings and manufacturing, amongst others. It also covers progress in carbon capture and storage solutions. It helps you to understand global developments in these areas, without having to engage in multiple and time-consuming searches.”

What type of decarbonisation reports might you find referenced in RiCK™?

Here is a small sample of some of the net zero and decarbonisation reports you can find referenced or abstracted in RiCK™.

  • Destination 2050 - A route to Net Zero European Aviation from Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) / SEO Amsterdam Economics, Feb 2021
  • Hydrogen - A decarbonisation route for heat in buildings? From the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), Feb 2021
  • The UK’s New Green Age - A step change in Transport Decarbonisation by Alstom, Jan 2021
  • Decarbonizing Household Heating: Reviewing demographics, geography and low-carbon practices and preferences in five European countries in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Apr 2021
  • Impact of Combined Heat and Power on the goal of Decarbonizing Energy Use in Irish Manufacturing in Journal of Cleaner Production, 1 Jan 2021
  • Carbon Capture and Storage in the United States: Perceptions, Preferences, and Lessons for Policy in Energy Policy, Apr 2021
  • Hydrogen Decarbonization Pathways: A Life-Cycle Assessment by the Hydrogen Council, 19 Jan 2021
  • Accelerating Road Transport Decarbonisation - A complementary approach using sustainable and low carbon fuels from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Jan 2020

rk_technical_bulletins_estore_decarbonisation.jpgRiCK™ Decarbonisation Technical Update

The RiCK™ Decarbonisation Technical Update is researched and curated by Ricardo's Information experts. The overview helps engineers review all of the latest literature, discover new information and reference research to feed into their development strategies. It is an excellent resource for technical teams committed to driving forward decarbonisation in the energy, construction, environment and transport sectors. 

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With a subscription to RiCK News Net Zero, you can also choose to subscribe to specific climate-change and decarbonisation news subject area updates of your choice.

Over 80,000 news feeds and sources are analysed, and content is aggregated. You will receive regular updates on the topic or topics most relevant to you.