Transport and Automotive conferences, events and webinars 2020 and 2021

Transport and Automotive conferences, events and webinars 2020 and 2021
11 June 2020

Staying up to date with key forthcoming transport and automotive conferences and events over the last few months during the COVID-19 outbreak has been tricky. Conference organisers have had to make decisions, often at very short notice about how they are going to try and continue. As lockdown and social distancing restrictions take place across the globe, every transport and automotive conference and event has been affected. It is not yet clear how long the pandemic will continue, but many conference organisers are adapting their events.

A subscription to RiCK™ 2.0 includes access to an up to date list of forthcoming automotive and transport conferences and events covering Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Autonomous vehicles, Fuels & Lubricants, Rail, Defence, Marine, Motorcycles, Engines, Clean Energy, E-Mobility, electrification and more.

Every month subscribers get sent an email showing the latest conferences updates and a full list of conferences that are coming up. Our Senior Information Specialist at Ricardo has been monitoring the situation and has been updating the list as new information becomes available. Conference organisers have had three main options:

  • Postpone the event until later in the year
  • Cancel - some organisers have cancelled this year’s event completely and have instead just announced next year’s dates early.
  • Host an online event or webinar

The Ricardo Forthcoming Conference List available as part of a subscription to RiCK™ 2.0, currently has around 400 entries, with approximately 40 new listings added every month. It is also updated with all of the latest information on cancellations and new dates. It highlights when a key event has been replaced with a webinar or online event.

A conference overview is included where available, which provides the topic overview or session headings. The list also includes calls for papers with submission dates, along with a link to take you directly to the conference website. Every conference or event for at least the next 6 months has been affected in some way and having access to the Ricardo Conference List is a great way to stay on top of new developments. Webinars often record to, so you can register and still get access after the event has taken place if you aren’t able to attend live.

Here are some of the top events now taking place online:

SAE Events

There are several SAE events and conferences currently scheduled as webinars, and these include:


This online summit takes place on the 16-18 Jun 2020 - this is a replacement for the April conference, and there will be over 200 live and on-demand technical sessions. The SAE WCX Conference usually presents over 1000 technical papers. The WCX Digital Summit will cover ADAS, connectivity, emissions, environment, design, manufacturing and electrified propulsion.


This conference is now online and will focus on CO2 reduction technologies both in terms of powertrain efficiency and vehicle energy demand reduction for sustainable transportation. The conference will take place online over the 7th, 8th and 9th July 2020.


This event, which was originally scheduled to take place on the 1-2nd September, will now be virtual. The event will cover transmission and driveline technologies, ADAS to Automated Driving, Urban Mobility and Smart City Workshops. The details of the virtual event will be updated in the coming weeks.

The IQPC are also hosting digital events, and these include:


This event takes place on the 23rd and 24th June 2020 and focuses on the latest physical and virtual threats to security and customer privacy concerns. Attendees will hear from a variety of cybersecurity experts including CIOs, CISOs, Product Owners, Chief Engineers, Heads of Cybersecurity and Enterprise from OEMs, Tier 1s and community stakeholders.

The International VDI Conference Edrive 2020 VDI is also heading online:


This online conference will take place on the 24-25 Jun 2020 and will focus on electrification. It will consider questions like optimising electrified drivetrain architectures be optimised in an intelligent way to achieve the best possible system, and how these approaches could be transferred to high performance and high powered vehicles. It brings together experts in powertrain design and systems working in the electrified field.

The longest-running annual battery event will now take place as a virtual event:


This event is one of the premier events showcasing the worldwide energy storage technology developments for various sectors including automotive, military and industrial applications. It will now take place as a virtual event from the 28th to 30th July 2020. It covers a wide range of topics including next-generation battery research, high-performance battery manufacturing, advances in automotive battery application, and more. It will be interesting to see what effect COVID-19 has on the event industry as a whole.

People are feeling increasingly comfortable taking part in online events, and this is one trend we expect that we might see continue over the coming years.

The full conference list is available as part of a subscription to RiCK™ 2.0 where it takes the form of a fully searchable database. Ricardo engineers have found it useful when making decisions about which conferences to present at or exhibit at. For example, a search can take place for a particular location or date range. All conferences hosted by SAE, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), IQPC, ATZ/MTZ, ASME, FISITA, VDI are all covered. Exhibitions, including the major motor shows, are also included, and webinars are also starting to be added.

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