Our people

Our people

The Ricardo team

We employ over 2,900 engineers, scientists and consultants across a global network of technical centres and client offices.

Across our teams are technical experts regarded as among the best in the world within their chosen field. They are specialists with deep understanding of the technologies that drive their industries, as well as the frameworks, structures and standards that underpin them

Alongside them are experts we have attracted from other walks of life – government, academia and science – who bring a broader perspective of the priorities, trends and innovations shaping the world.

Binding us together is a simple passion for developing solutions to complex problems – to see it as our responsibility to anticipate problems, investigate the options and help deliver tangible results.

Diversity and inclusion

We promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of employment practice. This is because we know that it is the mix of backgrounds, cultures and outlooks across our teams that enriches our business and enables us to maintain our technical leadership.

We are privileged to attract talent from other established and prestigious organisations. We recognise that it was the opportunity to join a diverse, close-knit community of differing experiences, practices and thinking that was a major factor in their decision to join or even return to us.

We support equality of opportunity for all employees and job applicants regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, or social or cultural background, and we are committed to the continual development of our employees.

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